About Us

Universal Site Monitoring (USM) is an Australian company who design and develop the next generation of safety monitoring devices via the latest Industry 4.0/IoT technology. Providing essential safety data accessible from anywhere at any time.

Our goal is to create a safer work environment for people all around the globe. With a team of technological experts based in Darwin NT, USM is perfectly situated to service Australia and the global market. Our devices can be individually custom configured to suit every operation, assisting a business’s most important assets are able to return home safely every day. 


Our team works hard to bring you the most innovative products and features you need. 

While working in Mining, Resource Processing, Oil & Gas and Civil & Marine Construction, Universal Site Monitoring’s founder Emil Tastula identified potential improvements for the safety and monitoring of businesses assets.  With this understanding, the initial concept for the Personal Safety Monitor and Universal Data Interface was established in 2013:  A compact device to be worn by workers, enabling real-time access to information on lone or remote workers, with improved communication abilities in areas where reception would otherwise be unavailable.

Through development and trials, the need for further features, improvements and technologies were recognised.  
This led the USM team to develop the concept of the Personal Safety Monitoring System.  
The needs identified included:

  • Enable proactive data analysis prior to alarm states

  • Read-time data heat-mapping

  • Intrinsically Safe (IS) and non-IS

  • Tracking trends and historical data

  • Eliminating communication black-spots

  • Automated processes to reduce unintended outcomes

  • Multi-language enabled

  • Operator biometrics visibility

  • Ensuring devices remain customisable


This is the core of what we do. Our hard work means nothing if we can’t protect our people and yours.


We will do all we can to customise our devices to suit your business needs and get best results possible every time. 

This technology development has been possible due to the hard work of our shareholders, management, designers, developers, engineers and supporting staff.
The Personal Safety Monitoring System currently consists of the Universal Data Interface (UDI), Personal Safety Monitor(PSM) series, Mesh Access Point (MAP), Biometric Monitor (BioMon), Auto Bump Calibration Dock (ABCD) and Global Asset Monitor (GAM).
While these features have filled the currently identified gaps, with new information and emerging technologies there is room for continual improvement and customisation of USM products.

Over the last five years, USM’s product development and market insights have been guided by engagement with large global companies.  Three successful proof of concept trials have been completed in Belgium, Canada and Spain.

Since the beginning, we have upheld our values of Innovation, People, Commitment and Diversity, these values will continue to guide the aspirations of Universal Site Monitoring in future research and development.


Great results come from different people coming together to achieve common goals. That is what we do and  what we can do for you. 

Universal Site Monitoring currently holds patents for the Personal Safety Monitor PSM Hero in the US and international countries.

Meet The Leadership Team


Emil Tastula
Managing Director -
Director Research

Emil has more than 30 years in the resource and construction industries, and formulated the concept of PSM Hero 715. Having experienced industrial incidents involving work mates, reducing LTI and global fatality rates sits very closely to home for him.


Dave Thomson

When it comes to connecting our products to those who need them, Dave is our man. With almost three decades worth of wisdom in Mining and Minerals Processing, he is the key contact in developing international relationships and driving global growth.

Peter O'Leary_edited.jpg

Peter O'Leary
Business Development Director

Peter brings 30+years of industry experience to the USM team. Prior to this role, he headed an electrical contracting company for 10 years which sold successfully to a larger business.



Site-wide condition monitoring including:

Worker exposure, biometric data, gas detection and other ambient & atmospheric data analytics.

Location, speed and course of the asset, device status updates. Indoors, above and below ground reporting. 


Remote equipment operating parameters, emergency communication and response information.

Fall from height, slips, trips & falls, heart-rate and other biometrics data monitoring.

Location, safety and performance monitoring, fatigue management and emergency communication.

Transport & Logistics
Oil & Gas
Industrial Marine
Mining & Steel

Safety Management System

Universal Site Monitoring adheres to local, state and government Work Health & Safety standards. As such it is required that suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of USM to adhere to Work Health & Safety or Occupational Health & Safety standards where they are situated.

Environment Management System

Universal Site Monitoring adheres to the regulations in the ISO 14001:2015 and always endevours to reduce the environmental impact in relation to undertakings.

Quality Management System

Universal Site Monitoring adheres to ISO 9001:2015 for document control and management, implementing into the QMS advice from annual audits and regulation updates to the ISO 9001 standard.