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Gas Plant

ArcelorMittal Trial

Location: Ghent, Belgium
Industry: Mining & Steel, Oil & Gas
Year: 2014

Universal Site Monitoring's Personal Safety Monitoring System (PSMS) was trialed at one of the world's largest Steel Mill, ArcelorMittal in Ghent, Belgium mid 2014. The aim of the project was to demonstrate the capability and functionality of our Personal Safety Monitor (PSM) device and Universal Data Interface (UDI).

The trial successfully demonstrated the PSM Hero 715 and UDI's capability in gaining sensor data from remote workers including:

  • Gas exposure levels

  • Heart rate

  • Ambient air temperature

  • Movement and g-force (indicating fall from height)

  • Show real time location and historical path of remote workers

  • Locally and remotely alarm potentially hazardous conditions

The system enabled administrators to:

  • Create geo-fenced areas, indicating and alarming remotely on entry, exit or both

  • Accept or perform phone calls with the PSM

  • Trend data of workers' exposure to hazardous gases (short term exposure limits and time weighted average)

  • Report and trend biometric, environmental and device data such as heart rate, temperature, speed and battery condition

  • Integrate location monitoring technology where GSM and GPS signals were not available

  • Access multiple levels of data

The PSM and UDI were tested, validated and verified to assure its capability to ArcelorMittal.


Critical sensor data was successfully gathered from remote workers and provided significant insight to remote operators.
Individuals and equipment were alarmed remotely when geo-fences were crossed.
Worker exposure was monitored, reported and historical data captured.
The use of advanced location technology was verified and successful.