Auto Bump Calibration Dock


Automated Gas Calibration and Bump Testing for Consistent Results

Our technology is Australian designed, developed and produced.

The Auto Bump Calibration Dock (ABCD) device completes automated bump and calibration tests, it includes an LCD screen to display status and alerts to technicians during the testing process.

This device allows for testing of multiple devices at a time and eliminates the potential for human error during calibration.


Bulk Calibration

Series connectivity for multiple device calibration

Smart Calibration

Inbuilt calibration gas management and venting, one-touch button initiation of calibration process

Calibration Log

Device unique ID calibration logging and automated record upload to the system database


Smart connectivity between the Personal Safety Monitor device and calibration dock via intergrated wireless interface.  Local wireless connection capability Mesh Access Points.

LCD Display

LCD display for viewing status and alerts of automated processes.

The ABCD allows for automated processes and improving efficiency of gas calibration.

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