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Universal Site Monitoring implemented a variety of Personal Safety Monitoring System (PSMS) products to assist Bhagwan Marine in meeting their requirements with the INPEX Mega Fauna Program. 

Under the program, Bhagwan Marine was required to enable advanced vessel tracking, noise monitoring and marine mammal observations. The IMMS allowed real time tracking alerts and reporting to support their compliance obligations.

Location: Darwin, Australia
Industry: Industrial Marine, Environmental Management
Year: 2015

As a component of the system, the Universal Data Interface (UDI) supported the management team to monitor movement of vessels and marine mega fauna throughout designated areas. These areas were defined by management using configurable geo-fences to establish Work Zones, Mooring Zones and Exclusion Zones.

By integrating noise, visual sightings and vessel tracking in and near these zones, the IMMS automated the alert process via email to all stakeholders.

The Universal Site Monitoring system provided our contractors with a readily available 'off-the-shelf' product that enabled us to meet our strict requirements for protection of all the sites within the harbour. For a system that can provide a 'safety net' in any simple or very complex situations, I fully support the use of the Universal Site Monitoring system."


Senior Environmental Advisor Darwin, 



All contractual obligations were met.
Compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.
Minimized impact of underwater noise and disturbance on marine mega fauna from piling, dredging and other construction activities
Monitoring, real time reporting and direct fail-safe communications with piling team.
Combined technology elements to identify exclusion zones, monitor noise levels and plot sightings for reporting and analysis.
Command and control view of compliance with Marine and Shipping Management Plan.
Maintained Bhagwan Marine's reputation as a consistent, high quality service provider on high value projects.