Biometric Monitor


Intrinsically Safe Operator Biometric Monitoring

Our technology is Australian designed, developed and produced.

The Biometric Monitor (BioMon) device is worn on the wrist and paired with a Personal Safety Monitor (PSM) device in use by the wearer. The BioMon device monitors biometric data of workers including; heart-rate, blood oxygen and temperature, this is then transmitted to the UDI via the PSM device.

This Intrinsically Safe device is fully encapsulated, utilising BLE technology and fitted with an integrated lithium ion rechargeable battery for extended use in ATEX Zone 2 atmospheres


Fully encapsulated

Intrinsically Safe design to meet ATEX Zone 2 standards

Lithium Ion Battery

For extended use in remote and hazardous environments

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

For low power consumption and easy pairing with devices

Biometric Data

Reporting Temperature, blood oxygen and heart rate data in real-time

Status LED

Power on and low battery status LED

The BioMon delivers real-time monitoring of remote workers temperature, blood oxygen and heart rate, allowing business to monitor workers biometric health status.

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