Global Asset Monitor Application

Cost effective real-time health and safety data monitoring solution.

The Global Asset Monitor Application for Android and iOS (GAM:A and GAM:iOS) is a lone worker monitoring and reporting application developed by Universal Site Monitoring for use with smart mobile devices. It is completely configurable through the Universal Data Interface (UDI) smart alert & navigation system for full control room visibility. It provides complete worker oversight of not just one, but multiple devices displayed in a single customised format.


The app is available on the Google Play store for compatible Android smart devices and on the Apple store for iOS devices.


The applications has the capability to connect site specific hazard sensors simultaneously and include features such as alerts, trend monitoring and real-time heat mapping of available sensors and devices.

  • Monitor personal biometric data via Bluetooth connected devices; heart-rate, temperature, panic button.

  • Configurable permission settings to limit user access

  • Access to user asset list

  • Flexible configuration of alarms against preset parameters on all metrics.

  • Reporting and alarming of key metrics including speed, altitude, course and personal and atmospheric data.

  • Enables setting of geo-fence boundaries and alarms on entry of exit.

Operators can use this system with full assurance that the latest system features are controlled, ensuring health and safety is at the forefront of any operation.

Every feature of the Global Asset Monitor App is completely custom configured to suit your business needs, however simple or complex, and is available in multi-language for global deployment.

For more information on how the system works and how we can tailor it to your business needs, please contact us via our contact page.

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