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Iron Ore Mine, Quebec

The Global Asset Monitor and Universal Data Interface were trialed at an Iron Ore Mine in Quebec, early 2015.

The Mine Management recognised their mobile fleet operators worked varying shift patterns with occasional repetitive tasks. They needed to reduce the liklihood of fatigue related incidents occuring in order to avoid double-handling, improve work efficiency as well as workplace safety.

The trials of the Global Asset Monitor incorporated the use of a third party fatigue monitoring device. The device was a baseball cap with sensors that monitor brainwave activity to accurately calculate the level of drowsiness of

Location: Fermont, Canada
Industry: Mining & Steel
Year: 2015

the wearer and to notify them of potential micro sleep episodes that may occur. The data was transmitted in real-time to the Global Asset Monitor and remotely monitored.

The trial was successful. Data was monitored in real time and conveyed using both GSM and satellite phone networks in temperatures reaching as low as -57 degree Celcius.


Operator awareness of their individual fatigue levels.
Elevated fatigue level alarming (both in the vehicle cab and remotely).
Real-time location and historical path of the vehicle communicated via mobile and satellite phone networks.
Historical data captured, allowing fatigue profiles to be developed and proactive fatigue management strategies implemented.