Interested in working for USM?

We are an Australian company who designs and develops the next generation of safety monitoring devices via the latest Industry 4.0 / IoT technology. We are passionate, committed and always strive to do better than what was achieved yesterday. If this is a team that you would like to work with and feel you have plenty to contribute, check out the vacant positions below.

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USM Employee Conduct

Universal Site Monitoring is committed to assisting global companies in protecting their most
important assets – their people. This is achieved through USMs core values of:

  • Innovation

  • Diversity

  • Commitment

  • People​

USM personnel are responsible for incorporating and supporting these values through the following


  • Design and develop products and features that are innovative, and support and positively benefit organisations and their people.

  • Provide customers with the ability to customise devices to suit specific business needs and guarantee high quality results.

  • Continually identify opportunities for business and product development.

  • Promote an ethical workplace.

  • Compete fairly in business practices.

  • Respect and promote human rights.
    Materials, products and services are sourced from ethical organisations compliant with the laws of the country of origin and within International Labour standards for workers’ rights, health and safety.


  • Act professionally and with integrity in all business practices.

  • Foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

  • Avoid non-professional business relationships.

  • Commit to maintaining open, honest and positive communications with colleagues, customers and business partners.

  • Be actively involved in and supporting the community.


  • Protect and secure Universal Site Monitoring assets, resources and intellectual property.

  • Positively contribute to a safe and productive workplace.

  • Identify and comply with relevant regulatory and statutory requirements.

  • Understand and meet certification requirements for product design and development.

  • Adhere to all USM policies, procedures, and legislative and other identified requirements.

  • Maintain environmentally sustainable practices throughout the organisation.



  • Speak up - ask for guidance on this Code of Ethics and voice concerns.

  • Treat customers, colleagues and business partners honestly and ethically.

  • Honour the privacy of colleagues and customers.

  • Communicate accurate information externally.

  • Avoid conflicts of interest – in and outside of work.

  • Treat gifts, hospitability and travel responsibly.
    Hospitality or gifts which exceed a nominal value and is not appropriate within customary and modest limits of acceptable business practices is unacceptable.


Universal Site Monitoring has in place an Integrated Management System that prescribes the
processes that support this Code of Ethics. Personnel are advised to use this Code of Ethics as a guide
to make good and ethical work-related decisions.