Universal Site Monitoring has developed the next generation of personal safety devices.  These devices work together to create a safety system that provides preventative or reactionary measures to a range of potential risks and hazards in the workplace.

The Personal Safety Monitoring System (PSMS) continuously manages multiple risks simultaneously by using a system of safety devices linked to a data interface.  This system consists of:
Other products that can be included in the safety system are:
The system can be customised to suit every operation.  The MAP and PSM devices are available in both Intrinsically Safe models for hazardous environments or non-Intrinsically Safe models for general industrial use. 
  • MAP (ATEX Zone 2)
  • PSM (ATEX Zone 1)

Your essential safety data accessible from anywhere,

at any time.

Real-Time Information Access
Data from all PSMS devices is available via the UDI, for viewing by personnel located in the control room.  This provides the ability to prevent incidents by tracking trends, respond to incidents immediately as they occur and respond with the correct actions by using the information available through the UDI.
The UDI can be accessed via computers, tablets and smartphones as needed.
Communication, Alerts and Alarms
The PSM device alerts its wearer to danger through audible alarms, vibration and warning lights - while also sending alerts and alarms to the control room operator.
This PSM device is capable of real-time communication (voice, instant messaging and push-to-talk), gas detection (CO, O2, H2S, LEL), geo-fence alerts, reporting other ambient and atmospheric conditions, gathering and reporting biometric data of the PSM wearer (via the BLE connected BioMon) and alerts to slips, trips & falls.

Intrisically Safe (ATEX Zone 1)


Regular Model


Connectivity anywhere, anytime

satellite map 1.png

Intrinsically Safe (ATEX Zone 2) BLE heart rate and oxygen monitor

Connectivity & Position Tracking
The MAP device enables data to be transmitted wirelessly in areas where usually communication would be impossible or unreliable, by creating a network of devices that can transmit the data between the UDI and PSM.  The MAP also allows for position tracking where regular GPS is unavailable or unsuitable.
Equipment & Vessel Tracking
The GAM device can be installed into fixed or movable equipment to monitor equipment location, security and safety.  All available data is transmitted to the UDI for remote viewing, including alerts and alarms that are customised to suit business requirements.

The monitoring solution for all your large plant equipment and vessels.


Intrinsically Safe (ATEX Zone 2) BLE heart rate and oxygen monitor

Operator Biometric Monitoring
The BioMon device is worn on the wrist and paired with a PSM device in use by the wearer.  The BioMon device monitors biometric data of workers including; heart-rate, blood oxygen and temperature, this is then transmitted to the UDI via the PSM device.
Automated Gas Calibration
The ABCD device completes automated Bump Tests and Calibration Tests, it includes an LCD screen to view status and alerts for devices currently undergoing automated processes.  This device allows for calibration of multiple PSM devices at a time and eliminates potential for human error during calibration.

Automatic Gas Calibration for consistent results

USM's Personal Safety Monitoring System can assist with future-proofing your business, providing technology to meet foreseen changes in Work Health & Safety regulations.
Step into the next generation of worker safety with our Industry 4.0 technology.