Satellite Mesh Access Point

Connectivity & Position Tracking
- Remote Workers

Our technology is Australian designed, developed and produced.

The  Satellite Mesh Access Point (Sat MAP) devices enables data to be transmitted wirelessly in remote locations, by creating a network of devices that can transmit data to the USM UDI interface.

Data packet upload settings are configurable to ensure hazard or incident reporting requirements and minimize low orbit satellite network connection costs.



Automated network transitioning to priority networks; GSM, Mesh or Satellite

Emergency Text Messaging (EMT) to and from the UDI to PSM's in the field

satellite map.png

Accurate Location Sensing

Satellite location tracking
Connection to mesh network for high accuracy location sensing

50 Metre Range

Up to 50 metres inter-access point mesh network connectivity

Series and disbursed range extending of PSM data

Remote Data Visibility

Configurable transmission and relay of PSM devices working remotely: location, gas, biometric data

Device Mounting

Vehicle, vessel and equipment mounting for remote satellite connectivity and equipment tracking

Cost Effective

Configurable data transmission settings to minimise Satellite connection costs

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