Universal Data Interface

Your essential safety data accessible from anywhere, at any time.

The Universal Data Interface is a smart alert and navigation system that is fully integrated with all our products. This easy-to-use mapping interface collects and displays information via a variety of wireless communication methods. It provides a real-time data stream of critical operational information that can be monitored, reported and maintained remotely.

Our interface system is viewed through a web browser. It is simplistic yet provides all the necessary features and information you need for optimal operation monitoring. From alerts, trend monitoring and real-time communications, the Universal Data Interface provides you with full control room visibility at all times.

Key Features:
  • Reporting and alarming of key metrics including speed, altitude, course and personal biometric and atmospheric data

  • Flexible configuration of alarms against pre-set parameters on all metrics

  • Ability to set geo-fence boundaries and alarms on entry or exit

  • Real-time multiple device and sensor status displayed in a single view

  • Permission settings on user access to limit specific information on devices and functions

The Universal Data Interface is also available in multiple different languages for global usability to all operators.

For more information on how the system works and how we can tailor it to your business needs, please contact us via our contact page.

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