4. LNG Jetty
5. LNG Jetty

Work Boats North Australia (WBNA)

Location: Darwin, Australia
Industry: Industrial Marine, Transport & Logistics, Utilities
Year: 2015

Work Boats North Australia's (WBNA) provides services in:


  • marine construction project support

  • marine maintenance and repair tasks

  • workboat and barge charter

  • marine manning

  • logistical support for marine construction

  • mooring capability

  • logistics

  • marine platform support

Vessel security and real-time location is vital information that WBNA management required on a day by day, hour by hour basis. 

Universal Site Monitoring implemented the Personal Safety Monitoring  System (PSMS) to key assets in the fleet within Northern Territory to provide all the necessary information that otherwise could not be obtained. The system included both vessels and vehicles with the information being used for job status reporting, ETA reporting and job history data fro accurate invoicing.


Improved customer relations.
Optimized use of manpower.
Increased visibility into asset productivity and provided historical data fro specfic job information.
Confidence that vessel security is being efficiently and actively monitored.
Visibility of work vehicle locations in real time as well as past locations.