Yilli Rreung
Metal Deliveries
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Yilli Rreung

Vehicle Monitoring

Location: Darwin, Australia
Industry: Transport & Logistics, Utilities, Construction
Year: 2015

Yilli Rreung is an independent Indigenous based incorporated body that delivers housing construction, management and maintenance, municipal and infrastructure services.

As part of their obligations to comply with isolated worker requirements and the welfare of their staff, Yilli Rreung engaged us to install a vehicle tracking system. Their employees are often separated and work alone, and our monitoring system gave Yilli Rreung with the confidence of knowing where their employees are at all times.

The system utilises pre-set geo-fenced work sites that provided supervisors with alarms when their staff were entering and leaving work zones. It also gave real-time visual depiction as to where the vehicles were. Our system has been built to enable further monitoring solutions as Yilli Rreung requires them.


Peace of mind as to the real-time location of work groups.
Delivered the information needed to improve efficiency and optimize productivity.
Increased visibility into the productivity and provided historical data for specific job information.
Automatically captured time onsite to remove the inaccuracies and inconsistencies of manual/verbal reporting systems.